Challenging Lethal Policing in California

William Armaline
Feb 26, 2019 - 5:00

On February 9 in Vallejo, California, 20-year-old Willie “Willie Bo” McCoy was asleep in his car at a Taco Bell drive-thru, doors locked, car still in drive, allegedly with a handgun in his lap. He woke surrounded by police cars and officers shouting. The police reported seeing McCoy make a sudden movement downward and unleashed a flurry of...

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One Reply to “Challenging Lethal Policing in California”

  1. I get that being a LEO is a hard job. But their fear of losing their power and fighting a sensible bill like 931 in my eyes proves that they crave power more than wanting to “protect and serve.”
    If their current suite of training doesn’t enable them to talk to a black man with a cell phone without shooting him then additional training is just going to frustrate cops. They don’t need more training. They need different training from day 1. And absolutely they need accountability. Hesitating when in a dangerous situation is EXACTLY what they need.
    Overhaul of the policing system sounds great to me, but also kinda far fetched.

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