Black Friday Sale & New “Historic” Merch Collection

Nov 27, 2020 - 7:00
TNS Black Friday Sale!

Shop Black. Friday. The North Star is proud to announce the release of its second wave of merchandise: The Historic Collection for Black Friday 2020. This collection focuses on the branding heritage of this publication, as well as images of its founder, Frederick Douglass.

Use code: LIBERATION for 20% OFF EVERYTHING IN THE STORE. Nov 26-27th.


WAVE 2: Historic Collection – NOW 20% OFF with code: LIBERATION (Nov 26-27) [BUY NOW]


To create the image for this collection, we painstakingly recreated the original mastheads of the printed paper that ran from 184751. Modern design requires high resolution imagery for print and web displays, and there aren’t many high quality scans of the original newspaper (many of which are in rough shape). So, using various vector tools, we traced and simplified the shapes in order to pull them into the digital world.

An example of the original paper (printer June 2, 1848) + the recreated masthead.

As particular standout design (as seen on this tee, and the raglan) is the banner crested logo, pulled from the 1851 edition of the paper. While the original was landscaped in aspect-ratio, we stacked the crests to form the new square version graces some of the new merch.

We also included a new design featuring Frederick Douglass in four stages of his life, as he fought tirelessly against injustice. This is an appropriate pairing with the “No Struggle, No Progress” hoodie, which also features a replica of Douglass’ handwriting.

We’re very proud of the assortment of merch we’ve assembled here, and we hope you will as well! So, shop BLACK this Friday and get 20% OFF our entire store from Nov 26-27th, with the code: LIBERATION at checkout. Thank you all for your support.


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