American Higher Education Rattled By Admissions Scandal

Stephen G. Hall
Mar 14, 2019 - 5:00
American Higher Education Rattled By Admissions Scandal

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Key facts: The revelation of an elaborate bribery scheme designed to facilitate college entrance for wealthy students belies meritocracy as a cornerstone of educational access in the American higher educational system. The Justice Department unveiled this scheme in a 204-page indictment against more than 50 people, including 33 wealthy families.
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3 Replies to “American Higher Education Rattled By Admissions Scandal”

  1. It is interesting how everyone wants to act surprise about this. The rich play by a different set of rules than the rest of us. Oh and can we talk about legacy admissions?

    1. Legacy admissions: kind of treating these people like royalty, right? In listening to analysis of this scandal, rich people say that the elite colleges are all about the connections you make while attending. Connections to the takers, so that you can be among the few who oppress the many.

  2. Yes, this is not anything new, in my opinion. I was a poor single mother and when my daughter graduated high school in 1998, all (and I mean all) of the scholarships went to rich kids. These were the families who could afford tutors and travel and enrichment activities. Those kids were smart and hard-working, but so was my daughter. It broke my heart to see the rich kids take all the scholarship money when their parents were well able to pay for their college tuition.
    I understand that this may be a false equivalency. It’s not the same set of circumstances and the situation certainly isn’t as egregious or riduculous as the present story, but the deck has long been stacked against students who are not rich. You have to be rich to get into college or you rack up a huge student debt. You have to be rich to be able to do an unpaid internship in one of the elite and very expensive colleges.
    Yeah. Read Sarah Kendzior’s The View from Flyover Country. She expresses it far better than I can.

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